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The Maverick CEO idea came out of extensive work by Jim Deitch and Teraverde with the leaders of mortgage banks. Jim’s writing and speaking identified the key role of business leaders who think and act differently.

Jim’s first book, Digitally Transforming the Mortgage Banking Industry, included interviews with more than 20 mortgage bank CEOs. The book was extremely well received in the industry. The fast pace of industry and economic change led to more CEO interviews and Jim’s second book, Strategically Transforming the Mortgage Banking Industry.



MaverickCEO.com is the response to the need for rapid change in the industry. The goal is to exchange information and inspire leaders. Maverick’s present ideas, discuss implementation and develope better ideas.


Our Why

The Mortgage Banking Mission

Mortgage Bankers help make the American Dream possible. Homeownership has been at the core of U.S. financial stability and personal wealth for generations.

We support…

When Jim Deitch wrote his first book on the mortgage industry he committed to donating all of the royalties from the book to the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Opens Doors Foundation. That commitment continued with the second book.

The MBA Opens Doors Foundation is dedicated to providing the comforts of home to families in crisis. Through their home grant program, they provide mortgage and rental payment assistance grants to parents and guardians caring for a critically ill or injured child, allowing them to take unpaid leave from work and spend precious time together without jeopardizing their cherished homes.

This video, created as part of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, tell the story behind Jim’s commitment to this particular foundation.


Learn more about the MBA Opens Doors Foundation