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5 Questions with Jim Deitch

Published in: February 2019 edition. https://thescore.vantagescore.com/article/441/5qs-jim-deitch Jim Deitch is co-founder and chief executive officer of Teraverde®. Previously, he was a co-founder, chief executive officer, and director of the American Home Bank division of First National Bank of Chester County. Under his leadership, American Home Bank was named one of the fastest growing private companies in […]

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Mavericks New Year’s Resolution

Thank you to the Mavericks that provided New Year’s Resolutions.  Here’s a synopsis of a few I’d like to share: First, a resolution we all should heed: Keep re-recruiting your existing top producers and loan officers. Keep asking what we can do for them. It’s a lot easier to keep top producers than recruit new […]

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Data driven decisions help get wins

“We are card counters at the blackjack table. And we’re gonna turn the odds on the casino:” Billy Beane in the movie Moneyball. “Strategically Transforming the Mortgage Banking Industry” profiled Oakland Athletics General Manager Beane and his data-driven approach to winning baseball games at a low cost per win. Beane’s big data approach brought about […]

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