What is a ‘maverick’?

What is a ‘maverick’? He or she can best be described as a groundbreaker, a pioneer. A maverick takes calculated risks to grow, to invoke change. In many ways, a ‘maverick’ is an initiator, someone willing to explore unfamiliar territory and try on innovative ideas when and where others are not.

The world of mortgage banking has been tied down by traditional ways of doing things. In fact, there are protocols in place that trace back multiple decades to just after the Great Depression. While industries around us have been exploring new ways of doing things and (perhaps most importantly) new technologies, mortgage banking has tended to stay with the tried and true.
While some in the mortgage industry maintain an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality, more and more maverick thought leaders are turning to transformation, be it via process, technology or product innovation.

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