Tim Nguyen

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at BeSmartee

Mr. Nguyen is the CEO & Co-Founder of BeSmartee, the leader in digital mortgage innovation. Using a combination of big data and AI, borrowers can go from application, to approval to disclosures, and enter fulfillment in about 15 minutes. Previously, he was CEO & Co-Founder of InHouse, Inc., a technology-enabled-service company providing appraisal management solutions to the mortgage lending industry. He has served as an advisor to companies ranging from $5 to $500 million in annual revenue. He lives in Southern California with his wife and two boys.

From Tim Nguyen

What many in the industry see is that good originators are very difficult to come by. There’s a limited number of them. That’s a big problem that’s very prevalent in traditional retail. There’s such a small supply of quality originators who can actually produce business. And there is a big demand for Originators and with big demand you have companies chasing these originators down. Better comp. Better employee incentive programs. Better facilities, better tools. You rely on these originators to produce revenue. You’re going to get caught in that game.

I come from a family of entrepreneurs dating back to Great Grandpa. As a family we talk about business over coffee, at lunch, at the dinner table and even on family vacations. It’s literally a part of my DNA. That’s why I am committed to my business and yours. I understand what it means to refinance the house to make payroll and max out on credit cards to keep the lights on.

It’s tough to differentiate yourselves, to compete, and lenders’ incentive to drive that cost down hasn’t truly been there.

People will always talk to a loan officer. It is our job to make that easier. It makes the loan officer more efficient. Technology is not the end all. It’s simply a platform… the process, the people, the core values come into play… technology has to be done in a way that supports the consumer but doesn’t leave them out to be by all by themselves.

We want to turn the customer into a data verifier, not a data provider.

All these models are out there. All these models disintermediate as many third parties as possible, bringing in as direct to the consumer as possible and using automation technology and big data to make it as quick clean and quality as possible.

Technology is not the end all. It’s simply a platform… the process, the people, the core values come into play… technology has to be done in a way that supports the consumer but doesn’t leave them out to be by all by themselves.

About Tim Nguyen

I had the pleasure of working with Tim Nguyen recently. His understanding of business strategy and execution boosted my company’s ability to move forward. He made a difference in helping the organization define and operate to its business mission and core values. As a leader, he is able to coordinate and support the necessary activities, promote the organization and more importantly – to motivate! His visionary instincts provides an environment for future developments interfacing with both the company and community.

Iris M. Freelance Writer | Business Coach | Award Winning CEO

I had the pleasure to work with Tim and found him to be a true visionary! He not only thinks big but also executes his vision meticulously ensuring everyone is positioned strategically to make it happen! He is a true believer in people, has a humanistic approach and focuses on bringing out the best in others. Beatriz A. Camacho

Loan Originator, PrimeLending

Tim Nguyen manifests true vision when it comes to technological transformation in the mortgage industry. “One click” close is a viable reality in Mr. Nugyen’s book, with regulation serving as the most significant stumbling block to enabling that future. With tools such as big data and automation technology, as well as examples of success leveraging this tech in other industries, Mr. Nguyen is confident that mortgage banking can eventually enable a direct-to-consumer approach that streamlines the Interest to App segment of the mortgage manufacturing process.
In all of this, Mr. Nguyen never erases the human touch. In fact, he advocates lucidly and assertively for the centrality of the LO in the process with an understanding that maintaining touch is essential when leveraging technology to empower the consumer.
Technology, in Nguyen’s vision, will give consumers the control and real-time access they need. This, in turn, will empower the loan officer and streamline the process. Mr. Nguyen sees the consumer in this scenario as a data verifier, getting the user-friendly process he prefers while also making verification easier for the LO.

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